Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home for the Holidays

All of us here at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns would like to announce our "Home for the Holidays" campaign.  Every rescue has those "less adoptable" pets.  We know they are special, but it can take some extra time to find just the right home for each one.

Each of the pets we are featuring will come with a special adoption package.  The package includes a fleece blanket, food & water crocks (or bottle), toys, and a starter supply of hay & pellets.  Guinea pigs will come with a hidey house.  Our bunny Jane has had a (gently used) carrier donated to her package!

Here is the adoption package that was donated for Jane:
The "less adoptable" critters:
  1. Ashlynn and Topher are a lovable bonded pair of bunnies.  The reasons they have been more difficult to adopt out to a permanent home are that they are a middle-aged pair (about 5 years old), and they have snuffles, a chronic but easily managed condition.
  2. Jane is a beautiful little Dutch bunny.  She is very sweet, but very timid.  She will come to you for pets, but she absolutely hates being picked up.  We have seen some improvement, but she will probably never like being picked up.  She will need a patient, understanding home.
  3. Connor is another adorable little Dutch bunny, but he has some attitude.  He is a nipper and a charger.  A cage free and understanding home will be best for Connor.
  4. Duke is a lovely solid black bunny.  His coloring in itself makes him less adoptable.  He's not "flashy" like some other bunnies.  He is also quite shy, and is enjoying his quiet foster home.  He has a wonderful, playful personality - but he will need someone who understands his shy nature.
  5. Our little Levi was dumped behind a Publix supermarket with a note that said "for the meat department".  Well, luckily the fine folks at Publix gave us a call.  He is quite wary of people, for obvious reasons.  He is terrified of cages, and so will need to be in a cage-free home.  His ideal adoptive home will let Levi be who he wants to be.
  6. Scar is a cute little guinea pig who has been at the rescue for 2 years now.  When he came into our care, he was bald and itchy.  It turned out he was allergic to the pine bedding and food that his original family gave him.  He now lives on fleece and is fed plain pellets, and is fine!  He does best as a single pig.
For information on adopting, fostering, or donating to our rescue, please visit our website.

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