Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Events in Brandon!!

All of us here at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns have been VERY busy prepping for some upcoming events!!  March is Adopt a Guinea Pig month, and we will hopefully end March with a bang!  We recently had a very large influx of guinea pigs - about 20.  Most of them came from a lady with a herd of 13.  She loved them greatly, but due to some major health problems was forced to surrender them.  We've also taken in a few from local humane organizations.  To celebrate Adopt a Guinea Pig month, we are having a big guinea pig event at the Brandon Petco next weekend!

Some of the new arrivals!!
We are so excited about next wheeeeeeeekend!!  BUT - if you are interested in adopting piggies next weekend, please get your adoption application in now so we have time to review it!  Please visit our website for more information.  You must be an approved adopter and have all your piggy supplies ready before taking home your new friends!  We will have all kinds of adoptable critters to meet!  We will have many guinea pig (and other small animal) supplies for sale along with baked goods and other fun things!  All proceeds will go toward the care of our fosters.
The event will take place Saturday, March 31st and Sunday, April 1st at the Brandon Petco (2434 West Brandon Boulevard  Brandon, FL 33511)  Hope to see you there!

In addition to all of the piggies that we just took in, we also took in around 20 hamsters and gerbils!  We have been asking for donations of cages, wheels, food, and other hamster/gerbil supplies.  Tranquility Trail Sanctuary and Little Furries Rescue both had some hamster supplies they weren't using and kindly offered to send them to us!  Please lend your support to these wonderful rescue organizations!  Thank you SO MUCH to all who have donated to our hamster/gerbil supply drive!!  We can still use more cages, hidey houses, and food, so feel free to spread the word!

Here are just a few of the tiny new arrivals!  There are plenty more!
The guinea pig event isn't all that we have planned either!  On Easter weekend, our volunteers will once again be at the Brandon Petco.  We will have many Easter treats available!  We will be educating the public about why buying a chocolate or plush bunny is a MUCH better idea than buying a live bunny for Easter!  We will have many adoptable animals available to visit (but will only be going home with screened adopters, of course!)  There will be balloons, face painting, plush and chocolate bunnies for sale, small animal treats and supplies for sale, and lots more!  All proceeds will go toward the care of our fosters.

Check out these fun Easter baskets that will be raffled off!
And look at this AMAZING bunny/piggy treat basket that will be available to win!
So again, join us at the Brandon Petco on April 7th & 8th from 12-4.  We hope to see you there! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mileage & Midnight Meetings

Bunny A and Bunny B set out at 2 p.m. from the same point, headed in the same direction.  The average speed of Bunny A is 30 mph slower than twice the speed of Bunny B.  In two hours, Bunny A is 20 miles ahead of Bunny B.  Find the rate of Bunny A.

Okay, thankfully we don't actually need to figure out the answer, but all of us here at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns have sure done a lot of driving this past week!  Sarah and Amber made one of the fairly regular critter transfer trips between Port Charlotte & Brandon.  Luckily Sarasota makes a good meeting point!  We got Layla the ferret and Snowflake the bunny in from Suncoast Humane Society along with two skinny pigs from a private surrender.  All came from the Port Charlotte area and needed to travel north to their respective foster homes.

Aside from this trip, we had some extra travel during the week.  We actually had space open up for 2 bunnies from the north Florida rescue that is shutting down.  Stefanie's boyfriend (who is officially a bunny hero!) was traveling to Tampa from Atlanta this past Friday evening.  He didn't make it to Jennings until midnight, but luckily Jerry was able to meet him off of I-75 with the two buns.  So a huge shout-out to Jack for turning his car into a bunny-mobile!

Thank you Jack!  Here he is holding the new little lionhead!  Bunny hero!
That's not all the travel this week!  The Global Pet Expo was held in Orlando this past week, and we were contacted by American Pet Diner, who had a booth at the Expo.  They offered to donate all of their remaining merchandise to us if we could pick it up in Orlando by 5:00 on Friday!  Well, we certainly couldn't pass THAT offer up, so Ally & family and Amber made the trip to Orlando to pick up the items.  After a bit of a fiasco gaining entrance to the convention center, they were able to load the cars up chock-full of supplies!  APD even donated the wire display rack and other furniture.  Another HUGE thank you to American Pet Diner!!  What an AMAZING donation.
Barely fit it all!
So yes, all of us here at the rescue certainly put quite a few miles on our vehicles this week!  Here's a visual for all the travel!  Jennings-Tampa-St. Pete-Orlando-Port Charlotte.  Whew!
Again, thank you to all the volunteers and their families for helping to make our small animal rescue efforts possible!  (And if you can donate gas cards, we can CERTAINLY use them!)

In other news, we've had some adoptions this week!  Milo went home with his new family last weekend, Nutmeg went to a foster-to-adopt home, Suki & Momo went to a foster-to-adopt home, Snowflake met someone who is VERY interested in her once she recovers completely from her spay and ear mites, and our little guinea pig Scar, who has been waiting for a home for 2 years, finally went to his forever home!!
Scar FINALLY found a loving home!
In summary, things are moving right along here at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns!  We appreciate everyone's support!  Stay tuned to future blogs - we are planning some BIG events at the Brandon Petco around Easter time!  It's time to Make Mine Chocolate!