Monday, May 7, 2012

Bunny Mothers Need Love Too!

Mother's Day is approaching, and we have some very special bunnies.  I'm sure all the moms out there will agree that being a mother is very hard work, and Mother's Day is very well deserved!  Well, we've got some mama bunnies here at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns.

If you read last week's blog, you read all about Zaida, our young bunny mother who has been through so much.  Her babies are on their way to growing up, but Zaida could use a bit of love herself.
A bunny mother keeps a close eye on her babies
We don't have the other bunny mother here at the rescue yet, but are hoping to pick her up this coming weekend.  Photos will follow as soon as we have them!

We were hoping that YOU could help make Mother's Day special for these bunny mommies.  They have been through a lot of upheaval.  So what can you do?  Send them a special gift!  The bunny moms would love toys (both moms are young and have lots of energy to play!), treats (yummy healthy snacks like dried fruit with no added sugar), cage accessories (all of our fosters usually get would be great for them to have blankets, bowls, etc to call their own!), or monetary donations (these girls will need to be spayed so they will never be mama bunnies again!).

We would love to see these special bunnies get toys from Pet Rabbit Toys (if you donate, Pet Rabbit Toys will MATCH your donation!) or treats from the Bunspace Store (lots of healthy treats there!).  You can also get them their very own fleece blankets, bowls, etc from just about anywhere!  If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can do it via PayPal ( - be sure to note that it's for the mama bunnies!)  Our mama buns even have their very own wishlist:  We realize that any gifts that are ordered may not reach us before Mother's Day, but we will still celebrate!

We will wrap all the gifts and take photos of the buns opening them - and will be sure to post it on our Facebook page!  We will also be sure to post thank you notes to everyone who donates!  If you are in the Brandon area, you can meet the bunny moms in person (as well as Thumper, our newly-arrived special needs bun).  Just stop by the Brandon Petco on Sunday between 12pm-4pm.  Donations can also be purchased at Petco!

Please help make these bunny mommies feel special!

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