Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who Really Needs a Home?

Very rarely, we will hear some of the sweetest words: "I want to give a home to the one who needs it the most." Our goal is always to match the home up with the right personality, but we usually have multiple rabbits that can work in your home. A few, however, no matter how perfect the personality, always get looked over. Here are some of the most common reasons a sweet, well-adjusted bunny will get passed up: 

Red Eyes - It freaks some people out. Some eyes are more red, some pink, some almost purple, but it does not matter. If a bunny has red eyes, they will stay at least 4x longer in the rescue. They might be the most loving bunny you will meet, but the red eyes just turn people away. Sometimes I wish we had little bunny color changing contacts!

Some of the most wonderful bunnies we've ever known have had red eyes.  They were funny, sweet, and playful.  Please give them a chance.  We're sure they can win your heart!

Stormy- This gal is a dwarf/Himalayan mix. She is adorably tiny with a quirky personality and lots of energy!
"Plain" bunnies - Who isn't drawn to the cute markings on buns? Some bunnies have adorable spots, cute little stripes, tufts of fluffy bunny hair poking out, or velvet soft fur. Some bunnies aren't so lucky though. They are all black or all white. Some seem 'common' like black and white dutch bunnies. These buns just aren't as flashy, and they seem to become wall flowers at adoption events while the cutsie buns are oooed and awwwed over. The "plain" bunnies love to get loved on too! They can be just as cute if given the chance. 
Hershey- This little dwarf boy is quite a character! He may not have a flashy coat, but he certainly has a one of a kind personality!
Older bunnies - Some rabbits come to us after having been in a loving home for their entire lives, and some come to us after having been shuffled around quite a bit. They have gotten older and are now facing the latter part of their life without a family to call their own. It is important to remember that rabbits can live 10-15 years. A 5 year-old bunny is not an old timer! Older bunnies can be a great addition to the home, oftentimes being more mellow and very accustomed to life in a home, and have already been exposed to many situations. 
Fernando- This boy is 6 years old. He loves to play and run and has yet to meet someone he does not like.
Pairs - Many people, once adopting a bun, end up getting another bun so their rabbit is not lonely (rabbits almost always do better in pairs!). Nearly no one will adopt pairs right off the bat though. Pairs of bunnies share everything, from a pen to a water crock. Bonded bunnies still love people, and you will be getting twice the love!  Having two bunnies does not equal twice the work, and you will enjoy watching your bonded pair play together and groom one another.  Pairs will keep each other company, which is especially handy if you work long hours.  Give a pair a chance - you won't regret it!
This brother/sister pair is tiny and adorable! If you are looking for really outgoing buns come meet them!
Medical issues - Occasionally, we get in some little fuzzies that have medical issues. Most are minor problems that are easily controlled. These rabbits are looked over because we are upfront about any issues. It is important to remember that all animals can have medical issues (and most will in their lifetime). When getting a bun from us you will know exactly what the medical issue is as well as the bun's medical history.
Ash/Toph- Both these buns have snuffles. It does not affect their daily lives and they have only had to see the vet a handful of times in the years they have been with us. (yes, they have been waiting years!).  We still have hope that they will find a loving home.
Behavior problems - No one is perfect! Some bunnies need a little extra TLC. The great thing about housing the buns in foster homes is you will know what problems the bun has and what triggers the behavior. When purchasing a rabbit from the pet store, they are not socialized and the people selling the bunnies are not familiar with their personalities. At least you will know what you are getting when you adopt!
Zaida- This girl is only 8 months old. Her life has been incredibly rough. After losing all the babies in her second (back to back) litter, Zaida became extremely distraught. She has come a very long way, but is still skittish and needs a loving and supportive home.
Big Buns - Most people are drawn to the cute little bunny that reminds them of a baby. Everyone has their preference in rabbits and there is nothing wrong with that! If you are looking for a cuddle bun that likes to lounge around and snuggle though, you probably want a big bun. Similar to dogs, the bigger buns tend to be "gentle giants" and are better matches for those with small children.  You might be surprised how quickly you'll fall in love with a big bunny!
Momo & Suki- These babies are Flemish giants. They are only 8 months old and already VERY big! They have absolutely fantastic personalities and are more like puppy dogs than buns!
Sometimes we will have bunnies that have multiple things "going against them". Like the bunnies that are a pair of "plain" white bunnies with red eyes or the older pair with medical issues. We really need foster and adoptive homes for these rabbits in particular.  We are always happy to have someone adopt or foster ANY of our rabbits, but we feel particular joy when one of the "overlooked" ones finally gets a chance with a family.

If you have the room in your heart and home for one of our bunnies or bunny pairs, please let us match you up with one of our overlooked buns!