Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby Adoption Event!

Yesterday was a big day for all of us here at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns!  We've had a huge influx of baby animals in the past few months - mostly bunnies and guinea pigs, but also gerbils and rats.  We held our special Baby Adoption Event yesterday at the Brandon Petco.

Our pen of baby girl bunnies

The girls enjoy some nice veggies.
The bows were sure cute, but they didn't stay on for long!
 We kicked off the event around noon.  We were in the shade, but even so, it was quite hot out!  We made sure all of the critters had frozen water bottles to stay cool and plenty of water!  (The humans made sure to drink plenty of water too!)  Even so, this will be our last outdoor event until the cooler days of fall arrive!
This bun knows how to stay cool :)
Our baby boy guineas staying cool on an ice pack.
We had everything from little baby rats and gerbils to 8 month old Flemish Giant babies (who are not so tiny!)  We were able to educate several people on animal care, and gave out information so people could get their unfixed bunnies spayed and neutered.  We answered housing and diet questions as well.
The baby boy pen - before the boys made a mess of it!
Baby rats!  They sure are cute!

Suki and Momo - our BIG babies!  They are so sweet!
We had a fantastic bunch of volunteers show up to help too!  Most of the "usual" faces were there, and we had a bunch of fantastic new volunteers show up as well!  We are so happy to have such a great group of people volunteering and fostering!

One of our baby boys - he still needs a sponsor!  For $50, you can sponsor his neuter and name him!
Ysabelle wasn't quite sure what to make of all the goings-on.
This little one is part of a pair of adorable REW bunnies.  Don't let the red eyes turn you away - they are fantastic little buns!
We also made some headway on bunny sponsorships!  The two little gray babies were sponsored by Jo and David - the names they chose are Sky for the girl and Walker for the boy!  We love it!  Another donation from Michelle came in today, and she will be sponsoring one of the babies that she has named Bugzy.  Our first sponsored bunnies were sponsored by Lexington and Kristina, who named their bunnies Caramel and Rosebelle.  We also made $78 in other donations yesterday.  Here is the updated fundraiser meter:
We now have $328 in the bank earmarked for the spay/neuters of these precious babies - we are more than halfway to our goal!  If you would like to sponsor a baby, you can visit our Petfinder page to see which babies still need sponsors.  You can send money to us via Paypal (, or email us for an address if you would like to send a check.  You can email us at to let us know which bunny you would like to sponsor and to tell us what name you've chosen!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this event a success.  We could not do it without our fantastic event volunteers, foster homes, donors, adopters, and everyone who shares our photos and status updates on Facebook.  The bunnies, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, kittens, rats, degus, and the humans who love them all thank you!
Thank you!

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