Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Tales (Why We Do What We Do)

People often ask us, "Why do you do this?  It's so much work.  Surely you must get tired of it!"

Well, the truth is, we do get tired of it.  It is difficult to get one dump request after another.  It can be exhausting keeping up with emails and phone calls.  We have our own animals and foster animals to take care of.  We spend a lot of money out of our own pockets to keep the rescue running.  We all do this on a volunteer basis.  It can be hard to balance our personal lives with rescue work.

So what keeps us going?  Why do we do it?  YOU - the adopters.  The forever homes.  Seeing an animal adopted out into a loving home is the ultimate reward.  That is why we are ecstatic to get updates from our adoptive families!

Here are a few of their tales.

Guinea pigs
We have quite a few guinea pigs come through the rescue!  We pull from various humane societies and SPCAs as well as taking in a few private surrenders (and yes, we've even received piggies found as strays!)  Much of the time, we don't know their story.  In most cases, they are likely bought as a child's pet and later surrendered/abandoned.  Luckily, we have been able to find wonderful homes for many of these previously unwanted piggies.

Spot and Chance
Spot and Chance have been living the good life since being adopted!  Here is an update from their family:
Just wanted to give you an update on Spot and Chance, the two pigs we adopted from you.  They're doing great!  They've put on some weight and are very social little pigs (well, as social as Chance can be!). They're great with the kids and are hearty eaters - carrots and basil being their favorites!  They turned 3 years old last month.
Thanks Denise!

Senator Theodore Turkleton (formerly Abetting)

Clearly the Senator is pampered!  Here is a message from his family:
We changed his name to Senator Theodore Turkleton. He's a shy piggy but he loves to cuddle.  He gives kisses too. He has a buddy named Sir Charles Chewbacca the 2nd. He loves to run around the living room, and he loves his orange slices. He got a piggy bed for my birthday and he loves laying and eating his treats in it.
He also loves to burrow in blankets. We love him very much! Thanks again for helping us find him.
Fernando and Galileo
Fernando and Galileo are two more 4 Lil Pigs n Buns alumni who are happily living in their forever home!  Here they are with their buddy Pudge.
Wanted you to see how happy the adopted piggies are!  Fernando (who never got curly!) is like a scrub brush!  Galileo (Leo) is sooo happy and eats anything!  And then there's our Pudge, he's the one stretching.  They were in their play pen with a puppy pad underneath them while their cage got a good cleaning!
Thanks for posting this on our Facebook page, Vondalee!

Anya, Latte, and Primrose
Well, I figured I had to put my own happy tale in here too.  These are my girls, all adopted from 4 Lil Pigs n Buns.  Latte was a private surrender.  Anya & Primrose were both surrendered to Suncoast Humane Society, and we pulled them from there.  I adopted Latte first as a friend for my piggy Ginger (who passed away last year).  She is my little old lady at around 6.  Latte and Ginger didn't get along initially, and that's where Anya came in.  She was the glue that held them together!  Primrose is the most recent addition.  After Ginger passed away, I toyed with the idea of adopting another.  Well, Primrose came along and I fell in love.  My guinea herd lives the good life!
As with the piggies, we don't always know the story behind the bunny.  Again, most of the time, people buy bunnies for Easter or for a child's pet and are not prepared for the responsibility.  These bunnies end up homeless.  Thankfully, there are responsible adopters out there who will give these formerly unwanted bunnies a home.

Yuyuko (formerly Tabitha)
Yuyuko came to us with a batch of bunnies from a shelter in Key West.  She is a well-traveled bunny, as she was flown up to the Tampa area by Pilots N PawsI don't believe we knew very much about her history, but we know about her future.
She is happily living in her new home.  Here is an update from her family:
Tabitha came home with us in early June and was re-named Yuyuko. An anime character is named yuyuko, meaning "ghostly child". With her mostly black coat, you can only see her face blaze in a dark room. But there is another japanese word that sounds a little like it. Yuuyaku can mean "taking heart, being in good spirits" which is how we all feel when she is around. She is a very cuddly girl and wants attention all the time. That just means she needs a husbun now!
Let's see if we can arrange some speed dates.
Thanks for posting on our Facebook page, Toni!

Anya (formerly Rio)
Anya was part of a litter born at the rescue back in 2009.  Once she grew up and was spayed, she found her new home!  She lives with her mom Pamela and her duck (yes, duck!) friend Snuggles.  She even has her very own Facebook page!

Pearl (formerly Stella)
Pearl was part of a litter surrendered to the rescue (along with the parents) in spring of this year.  While it was fun to watch her grow up, we were so happy to see her find her forever home!  She even has a new husbun!  Bonding is in progress - and you can keep up with it on Wilfred Bunny's (her husbun) tumblr page!  Pearl is now a part of the blog as well. 

Snowflake and Hershel
We love foster homes, but we really love when the foster bunny ends up becoming a permanent resident!  Snowflake started out as a foster bunny.  She had a pretty rough start in life.  She was dropped off at Suncoast Humane Society.  She was spayed, and during the surgery, it was discovered that she was pregnant.  When we picked her up, her beautiful white coat was covered in urine stains.  The person who surrendered her actually recorded her coloring as "white and creme".  The "creme" was actually urine stains.  She also had a terrible case of ear mites.  On top of everything else, her front legs were slightly splayed.  After healing from her spay and ear mites, she went into foster care.  Well, her foster mom just fell in love with her.  Despite everything she had been through, Snow is just an awesome, lovable bunny.  We were afraid she would never get adopted - she is white with red eyes, has splay leg, and is a large bunny - all factors that work against bunnies!  She beat the odds and is living the good life.

Snowflake's new mom decided she needed a husbun, and that's where Hershel came in.  We pulled Hershel from Collier Animal Services.  Hershel is a Flemish Giant - he is BIG!!  He was a stray and had the appearances of a tough life.  His fur was sun-bleached and he had various nicks and scars.  The bonding with Snowflake was a success, and they will live happily ever after!

Want to become a part of this?
We always love hearing from our adopters.  If you've adopted an animal from 4 Lil Pigs n Buns, please send updates and pictures to or post on our Facebook page!

If you want to give one of these animals a chance at a loving forever home, get started today by filling out our adoption questionnaireWe do want to ensure that our animals go to the best homes possible - after all, they've been through a lot.  Before applying, I recommend taking a look at these links to research proper care:


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Thanks for considering adoption! 

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  1. Thanks for introducing us to Pearl! She and Wilfred are quite the pair and I catch them snuggling and grooming each other a lot already!! :)