Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Awesomeness of Red-Eyed Bunnies

We hear it all the time.

"Eww!  That rabbit has red eyes!"

"Red-eyed rabbits look evil!"

"Rabbits with red eyes are creepy!"

People who can say this have never had the joy of actually knowing a red-eyed bunny.  If you know a red-eyed bunny, you know what amazing creatures they are.

Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, a red-eye white (REW) bunny fell into my life.  I love all bunnies, but I had never really thought about having a REW.  Like most animal people, I do have a weakness for a particular kind of bunny.  I'm a complete sucker for lops.  My Chloe is a lop (well, one of her ears lops - she's a helicopter bun).  So, I admit I gravitate toward them.

Then I met Milhouse. He was a REW.  He had had a pretty tough life.  He had been dumped outside, and by the time he was found, he had a broken ear and a missing tail.  He was sick, so I decided to foster him.  Well, I fell head-over-heels in love with him.  I couldn't help but admire his spirit.  He had been through hell, but he was one of the most friendly, sweet rabbits I have ever met.

Milhouse shortly after I took him home.
Well, I adopted him.  After he was neutered, I bonded him to Chloe.  You know, after everything he had been through, he was just the most trusting, sweet bunny.  He would just pass out sleeping in the middle of the floor.  It was like he knew he was now safe and could relax.  I just adored him. 
Chloe adored him too.
He knew how to relax!
Tragically, Milhouse passed away in May 2010.  I was just devastated.  I still miss him - in fact, I am tearing up while I write this.  Milhouse carved out a soft spot for all REWs in my heart.

Ask any other parent of a red-eyed bunny.  They will be happy to tell you how incredibly awesome these bunnies are!

One of our volunteers has wonderful things to say about her REW.  She was originally going to foster Snowflake, but fell in love with Snowflake's awesome personality.
Who wouldn't want her as a TV watching companion??
So, Snowflake's foster home became her forever home.  Her mom has some great observations about red-eyed bunnies.  Next time you see a bunny with red eyes, look at them with these words in mind:
They are actually quite beautiful!  Like little rubies shining back at you.  With them being lighter, they actually convey more emotion than the black or brown-eyed ones.  When it's bright out and her pupils contract, her irises are the prettiest shade of pastel pink!
I couldn't have said it better myself.  Snowflake's mom says that she is a loving and playful bun.  Snowflake had a really rough start in life, and she clearly appreciates being in a loving home.

Did you know?
  1. The red or pink eyes are caused by a lack of pigment.  They are certainly not caused by evil or "freakishness"!
  2. Bunnies with red eyes often "scan".  This is the movement of their head back and forth as they "scan" their environment to see better.
  3. Bunnies with red eyes are commonly the most difficult to adopt out due to prejudices against them.
So don't shun them!  Embrace them!  We currently have some red-eyed bunnies up for adoption!
Meet Stormy.  This little red-eyed girl has moxy!  She is playful and adorable.  She has been up for adoption since April 2012.
Bugzy is a cute little red-eyed boy.  He came in with a batch of babies, but he is more likely to be passed over by adopters.  He has been up for adoption since June 2012.
Meet Snow and Flake.  This adorable little brother/sister REW pair has been with us since May 2012.
Special thanks to Melissa M. for contributing to this blog.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Milhouse, my sweet little boy that showed me how wonderful REW bunnies can be.


  1. Thank you for this story...I want to learn more about REW, why they get so much (or so little) attention, and stories of their fantastic lives. Thank you for the information and what a sweetie Millhouse looks to have been. I'm SO sorry for your loss. I hope Chloe is happy again.

  2. Aw, thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad you want to learn more about them! And thanks, I still very much miss Milhouse. Chloe is happy again - she is bonded to a handsome boy named Kahlua now :)

  3. I had a red eyed guinea pig and she's was the sweetest little blob in the world. I miss her....

  4. Just got a cute lil girl white with black ears and nose, and pink eyes she's such a cuddle bunny, we named her oreo mcpookie, my daughters name lol, we love her ♡

  5. Thanks for this story because I came home one day and my kids found a REW in the streets and brought it home. I was thinking if getting rid of it but now I believe we will keep it

  6. Thanks for this story because I came home one day and my kids found a REW in the streets and brought it home. I was thinking if getting rid of it but now I believe we will keep it

  7. I have to agree completely. I have a REW and a black eye rabbit. My kids prefer to play with the REW as he plays with them. He is adorable. I also noticed that he is very protective over the black eye rabbit (female).

  8. Hey! Even I own a REW but then he doesn't seem too friendly I really want to know how to make him comfortable and build trust between him and me. If you any tips or advice's regarding this please please comment me and let me know. Thanks

  9. Just adopted a bonded pair of red eyes girls that were overlooked in the rabbit rescue for over 3 years!

  10. My evil REWs insoired a very morbid satire of bloody REWs rioling thru a bambi scene on a harley woth a paw on a smoking gun as critters look on. See my profile pic. Used comstock in one time moderation for bloody props.

  11. If anyone is in or visiting DFW, TX i have a bonded pair of lovebuns (fixed) for adoption.

  12. I agree completely.. I had a baby red bunny who sadly only lasted 7 months. I found him on the floor of his cage but he was still breathing. When I got home from school he had passed. I loved him very much. He would always kiss me and follow me everywhere. He was the best. And I will remember him forever. ❤️