Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Hi everyone!  Sorry we haven't blogged in a while!  We've all been quite busy!  I just wanted to post an update for our Home for the Holidays campaign and let you all know about some of our holiday needs.

Home for the Holidays
Our biggest news is that we only have a couple of weeks left in our Home for the Holidays campaign.  Our hope is to find some of our "less adoptable" pets a home of their very own for the holidays.  All of the critters included in this promotion are wonderful animals - they just get overlooked!  We have "plain" colored bunnies, bunnies with red eyes, rats, ALL of our male guinea pigs (everyone seems to pass them over in favor of the girls!), and the little hamsters and gerbils that haven't gotten much attention.

What do you get if you adopt one of our Home for the Holidays pets?  They will all come with starter supplies - the bunnies and guinea pigs will come with items such as a food dish, water bottle, fleece blanket, pigloo (for the piggies), litter pan (for the bunnies), and a start up supply of pellets and hay.

Our little gerbils and hamsters will come complete with everything you need to take your new friend home.  You will get a cage, wheel, water bottle, hidey house, food dish, and a start up supply of bedding and food.  Rats will also come with everything you need for your new furry friends.
Gerbil Home for the Holidays package
The animals included in this campaign are:
Bunnies --
  1. Hershey - "plain" brown and doesn't like change.  Will warm up once he gets used to things!
  2. Anibel - timid
  3. Chester - "plain" brown.  Has not received ANY inquiries.
  4. Barnabus - "plain" black
  5. Ian - Red-eye white (REW).  He has LOTS of energy!
  6. Bugzy - red eyes
  7. Fernando - "plain" brown and older (6 years).  He still has many more years!
  8. Stormy - red eyes
  9. Summer - she's a big girl.  
  10. Zaida - she needs a calm and understanding household. She's had a rough life.
  11. Levi & Lacey - very timid bonded pair
ALL of our male guinea pigs.  We don't know why, but they keep getting overlooked in favor of our females!

ALL of our rats.  Many people think rats are "icky".  They are intelligent, incredible, and loving pets.  Give them a chance!

ALL of our hamsters and gerbils!

Click here to see an album of all of our Home for the Holidays adoptables. 

Click here to fill out an adoption questionnaire.

One of the lucky hamsters that went home for the holidays already!
In other news...
As per usual, we have an overabundance of foster animals.  As with any animal rescue, our needs are great.  We certainly appreciate ANY donations and volunteer work.  This rescue is a work of love, and is mostly funded out of our volunteers' own pockets.  Our animals will be cared for no matter what, but any help will lift some of the burden!

So how can I help?
We have a large need for volunteers.  Here is a list of locations and volunteer opportunities:
  1. Very soon, we will be needing a number of volunteers to help out at our new facility in Dover.  Can you help out with cleaning cages, feeding/watering, and socializing animals?
  2. Can you transport animals?  We often need transport in the Tampa/St. Pete area (and sometimes to/from other places like Port Charlotte)
  3. Brandon - we regularly hold events at the Brandon Petco.  Can you help out with these events?  We need people on hand to help set up/break down and to wrangle animals (and keep an eye on them with all the members of the public milling around).  Are you bunny/guinea pig knowledgeable?  You can help answer questions (we will want to talk to you first to gauge your level of expertise)
  4. Port Charlotte - we house a foster bunny at the Port Charlotte Petco location and are DESPERATE for more volunteers.  One of our board members is currently the only Port Charlotte Petco volunteer, and is only able to get over there about once a week.  Petco volunteers socialize with the bunny (Petco will let you use one of the x-pens from the puppy section to let the bun out in - you can bring an old sheet to contain any wayward poos), and it would be a huge help to have others bring in bunny-appropriate veggies (washed and ready-to-eat)
  5. Foster homes - can you foster any animals?  We can particularly use bunny foster homes.  We have several bunnies who could really use one-on-one attention.  We can set you up with a pen, litter box, food/water dishes, and toys.
I live to far away to volunteer - how can I help?
We realize finances are tight for everyone, but if you are able to donate, we would be forever grateful.  We are always happy to receive monetary donations, but are also pleased to receive direct donations of goods.  We are always in need of hay and pellets (plain bunny & piggy pellets - Oxbow, Sweet Meadow, Zupreem).  Supplies such as x-pens, fleece blankets, storage cubes, coroplast, toys, litter boxes, litter (Carefresh, Equine pine, etc), cleaning supplies, and food/water dishes are always welcome.  For the rest of our wishlist and for instructions on donating directly to our vet for medical expenses, click here.

An easy way to send a donation is to visit our Amazon wishlist - you can help make the shelter animals' holidays just a bit brighter!

Want to send our piggies a nice, cozy bed?  Visit the Cozy Cavy to donate a piggy bed to the rescue.

Because piggies like to be cozy :)
We realize that times are tough, so we appreciate any donations SO very much!  Thank you!

We would also like to mention some other places that can use volunteers.  The Tampa Bay SPCA in Largo currently has a large amount of rabbits, and could certainly use volunteers.  If you live in the Port Charlotte/Englewood area, Suncoast Humane Society is another organization that could use volunteers.  They mainly focus on dogs and cats, but sometimes have small critters (we pull from them when we can).  Volunteering for a rescue organization is a wonderful way to give to the animals.

Thank you for your time, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.