Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home for the Holidays

This is one of Pigs n Buns’ best events of the year! During the months of November and December, every animal in our rescue will come with a complete set up - absolutely free. Why do we do this? Because everyone deserves to be home for the holidays!

Below we will talk about what is included in each adoption package. In general, the animals will come with what they are currently living in, so each adoption package may vary slightly.  If you are uncertain about something, please email for more information!

We will build you either a pen or condo for your new fluffy family member. They will also come with a large and small litter pan, food and water bowls and whatever toys they currently have.

If you need a base to your cage we may have some extra coroplast. It will be going fast though, so if you are adopting near the end of this promotion it may be gone!

Some of our bunnies have been with us for over a year, some even longer. Please consider some of our more overlooked bunnies. 

Here are some examples of possible setups:

The bottom photo is the setup of one of our adopters.  If you adopt during Home for the Holidays, you will receive a pen (most of our bunnies have pens made from these storage grids), large litter box (similar to one in photo), small litter box, food & water bowls, and your adopted bun's toys.
Each guinea pig single, pair, or trio will come with a C&C cage, water bottle, food bowl, pigloos and litter pan.

We have a variety of cage sizes. There are 2x3s for single pigs, 2x4s for pairs, and 2x5s for trios or just spoiled piggies  If you are unfamiliar with C&C cages, please visit  These are the cages we recommend for all of our piggy adoptive families.

Our male pigs always get overlooked in favor of females. Males are just as awesome, we promise! Please consider giving a pair of boys a home. 

You will receive a pen similar to this.  You will also receive a food bowl, water bottle, pigloos for the piggies to hide in, and litter pan for their toilet area (you can't really litter train piggies, but they often choose a "potty corner")
Each hamster single or pair will come with your choice of cage (tube, bin or plastic bottom styles), water bottle, food bowl, wheel, and hide house. 

We have cages similar to the ones shown here (these are not the exact cages).  You will also receive a water bottle, food dish, hidey house, and wheel to make a complete home for your new little friend.
The rats will come with a cage, water bottle, food bowl and hide house.

We currently have four senior female rats. They can go all together or in pairs. We would REALLY love to see these girls finally have a forever home. They have been in rescue their entire lives!

These cute little mischievous critters will come with a cage, water bottle, food bowl, hide house and hammock.
There is nothing we at Pigs n Buns Rescue would love to see more than our animals get loving forever homes for the holidays. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out or adoption questionnaire to get started!:

Not ready to make the commitment of adopting? Maybe you just aren’t sure if the pet you are thinking of is right for you? Consider fostering! You can foster for as long or as short as you like (we do like at least a two month commitment, so the animal(s) are not shuffled around too much). Email to get started!

Want to meet the animals and volunteers in person, take our guinea pig or bunny 101 class, or schedule a foster or adoption? We have several events coming up these next two months!:
November 10th: Cleaning/Volunteer day in Dover
November 16th: Pet Food Warehouse event in St. Petersburg
December 8th: Cleaning/Volunteer day in Dover
December 21st: Pet Food Warehouse event in St. Petersburg
If none of the above work with your schedule, let us know and we can arrange something else!  Follow our Facebook page for event updates (see link to the right)

Please help spread the word about the animals needing forever families and loving foster homes. Tag us, like us, share us and tell your friends! 

Here are a few of our adorable adoptable animals.  Will you give them a home for the holidays?

Sophie has been waiting for a home to call her own for a long time!
Peanut needs a guinea pig experienced home and can be adopted as a single piggy.
Miles & Olivia
Our pair of young piggy sisters
 And many more!!  We have animals good for first-time homes, as well as a few that need bunny/guinea pig experienced homes.