Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adopt a Guinea Pig Month!

Did you know that March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month?  Have you been thinking about bringing guinea pigs into your life?  Perhaps your kids have been asking for a guinea pig.  Well, first of all, guinea pigs should be pets for the whole family.  They aren't just children's pets - they are fun and interactive pets for everyone.

Before bringing any furry friend home, you should do some research on their care needs to make sure it is the right pet for you.  Here are some facts about guinea pigs to get you started:

Guinea pigs, or cavies as they are properly known, are not actually from Guinea (and no, they are not pigs!).  They originate in South America, where wild populations live in social colonies.  As such, our domesticated cavies are very social creatures, and should always have at least one friend to live with!  Pigs n Buns adopts out guinea pigs in same-sex pairs.  If you already have one piggy, we can match one of ours to yours!  Here is some care info that you need to know before deciding to bring guinea pigs into your home.
  1. Guinea pigs have a typical lifespan of 5-7 years, but can live even longer!  Therefore, you need to be prepared for a commitment of several years.
  2. Guinea pigs need space!  Nearly all commercial pet store cages are much too small for our furry friends.  The good news - you can make a fun and inexpensive "C&C cage" to house your piggies.  The large Midwest guinea pig habitat also provides an acceptable amount of space for a pair.  Bigger is always better though!
  3. Guinea pigs need hay, fresh greens, and plain (no seeds or colored bits) pellets every day.
  4. Guinea pigs do require vet care, and not just any vet will do.  You will need to find a vet who is familiar with treating guinea pigs.  
  5. Guinea pigs require grooming - all guinea pigs will need their nails trimmed regularly, and if you fall in love with a long-haired breed, you will need to keep that hair clean and brushed!
  6. Guinea pigs are vocal!  Be prepared for a chorus of guinea pig "wheeking" when you open the fridge or rustle a plastic bag!  Even though they are not actually pigs, they can definitely eat like one!
If you decide that guinea pigs are the right pet for you, then please adopt!  A reputable rescue can match you up with a pair of guinea pigs.  There are so many homeless guinea pigs looking for a forever home.

Pigs n Buns always has guinea pigs looking for forever homes!  Watch our Facebook page to see upcoming events.  You can come meet adoptable piggies.  Of course, you must fill out an adoption application beforehand in order to adopt.  We will be happy to give you guidance on providing the best home possible for these adorable little pets.


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  2. The good news - you can make a fun and inexpensive "C&C cage" to house your piggies. The large Midwest guinea pig habitat also provides ...

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